WTC's Feedback
We have not been introduced but I felt I ought to congratulate you on your gathering's pursuit of excellance in civilain reenacting. Dan and I have been corresponding for a good while now, solving the problems of the world at large and reenacting in particular here in cyberspace. I thought you might enjoy the exchange of thoughts your E-ml of 29 Feb produced. From the east coast to the far west go kudos for keeping to the high road; I wish there were more like y'all over here.

Ray Meinberg
Flatlanders Mess
The Hardcase Boys
From the Eastern Seaboard
With our website up but just a short time, we are already receiving some wonderful feedback and referrals from both coasts. We are overjoyed folks are taking notice and expressing appreciation for what we do. It makes the hard work, dedication and that steady stream of primary research all worth while! If you like what we do, please let us know. We love hearing from you!
....thought you might find interesting this group of progressive "civilian" redactors which we have out here in California. I've done several events with Barb McCreary and her crew and, let me tell you, they are a breath of fresh air compared to the useless "ladies tea, what shall we wear to the ball" female "auxiliaries" that attach themselves to mainstream military units. These folks are a "unit" unto themselves and really do a great job of bringing an authentic "civilian" component to an event. Next to them, and other like them, most COW "civilians" are just modern people modeling an antiquated suit of clothes. (Hmmm...sounds like most re-enactors, period!)

(from Brother Dan - the forwarding message to Mr. Meinberg above)
From Southern California
Congratulations on an excellent website. You did a capital job!

Terry Handy
1st Texas
I enjoyed the website. Keep up the great work. I also enjoy my citizen's impressions. I have outfits to do 1850s & different ones for 1860s. I participate in many East Coast citizen events & a few here in CA.

Ed Sims
From Northern California
Check out Barb's new website. It is nice to see the civilians are doing great things. FYI.

Bill Treadway
1st Texas