Winstontown Company's Favorites
First Texas Infantry
Favorite Western C/P/H Focused Military Units:
Tenth Virginia/Fifth Wisconsin
One-Hundredth Pennsylvania
Favorite Places :
Fort Tejon Historical State Park, Lebec, CA
Favorite Digital Images of Primary Resources on Line:
Vicki Betts Newspaper Titles
Feeding America: The Historic American Cookbook Project
Search Engine: Official Records of the Rebellion (OR)
Fifty-fifth Ohio
Pioneer Living History Village- near Phoenix, AZ
First California, Co. F
Favorite fellow Authentic Civilian Units:
Winston Free State based in Alabama, lead by Terre Lawson
Altantic Guard Soldier's Aid Society (AGSAS) based in Virginia
Lyon Shorb and Company Collection (Civilian Men)
Search Engine: Library of Congress Images (Civil War Collection)
WTC's Favorite Inspirational Image:
Love that lady in the front smoking the cob pipe!
Favorite Place to share Information & Ideas with fellow C/P/H/A Focused Units:
West Coast Campaigner (WCC) Forum
Authentic Campaigner (AC) Forum
The Librum
Favorite Foreign C/P/H Focused Military Units:
The Lazy Jacks, based in the UK
Gotham Patterns