WTC Recommended Sutlers and Suppliers
Carter and Jasper
Men's Clothing:
Men's Hats:
Corner Clothiers
TP&H Trading Company
Clear Water Hats
Women's Readymade:
For both Men and Women:
The Graceful Lady
Top Quality Hand Knit Goods:
Missouri Boot and Shoe Company
Robert Land Footwear, Ltd.
Terre Lawson
Misc. and Sundry Items:
Ezra Barnhouse Goods
Sewing Central
Gala Rock
The majority of the below list includes select sutlers who provide top quality civilian items and are generally more expensive than sutler row fare. This is for a specific reason. We would much prefer you take your time and invest in quality and accuracy the first time around rather than waste your hard earned cash on junk only to replace it later. In the long-run this will save you both time and money and your impression will look the part.

This is a work in process, so more will be added later as we receive recommendations from the c/p/h/a community and/or evaluate them for quality and accuracy.
Patterns :
Backwoods Tin and Copper, LLC
Antique Buttons and Trim:
Judith Peebles
(They have awesome Corn Boilers suitable for the military too!)
(She has original Goodyears!)
(She also does items appropriate for military that were formerly carried by Skillet Licker who is no longer in business)
That hard (out here) to find wool, linen and silk fabric:
Fashion Fabrics
Elizabeth Stewart Clark (children)
Duck, Muslin, Monk Cloth, Osneburg:
James Thompson & Co.textiles which has been in business since the 1860s is carried
by of all places, your local Walmart. Gasp!