Preservation Fund Raising
WTC member's high quality hand made period crafts are offered for sale in the interest of raising funds for Civil War site preservation. In addition, we occasionally sponsor sales of very select non-period items to that same end.

Fort Tejon is the birth place of WTC and although we do events elsewhere, it is our acknowledged home base and a most deserving yet overlooked Civil War era site to boot. We have therefore named the Fort Tejon Hospital Rebuilding Fund as the beneficiary of all our benevolent activities so that the funds we raise stay right here rather than go to a battle field back east. By designating a specific fund, we determine exactly how the money is spent as it goes directly to the rebuilding project without interference or "cuts or shares" taken by the State or any association. We then collect throughout the year and gift it directly to the fund once annually.

Listed below are items we currently have available as well as active non-period fund raising efforts we are currently sponsoring. Please check back from time to time to see what's new and refer friends to this website!
Bertie's Cold Pocessed Castile Soap
Hand made Cold Processed Castile Lye Soap utilizing authentic period carrier and essential oils, recipes and processes. The modern "soap" you buy in stores is not a true soap at all, but detergent and is very harsh on the skin. Yep, sometimes the old way really is the best! These soaps are also Vegan friendly (no animal fat is used) and due to cold processing they are even milder than the more common lye soap made utilizing the hot process. Available in Lavender, Rosewood, Old Brown Windsor and many other period fragrances. Click the button below to inquire about availability and price.
Bertie's Soap
Period Items Offered