Sketches from Bank's Grand Retreat
In the Howling Wilderness near Nachitoches, Lousianna March 2007
Terre Lawson spinning by candle light
Ladies who shall remain forever anonymous bathing in the waterfall. Five days in the Howling Wilderness with no bath tub. Oh, what a treat that was! The waterfall was tucked into a little grotto and the civilian men built us a platform of logs that spanned over the creek.
No wet plate photographer was present, so I grabbed my sketchbook and went to work capturing but only a fraction of the memorable moments of the thirty some odd hand-selected civilians. Over two years in the making, this was truly the event of a lifetime in no small part due to outstanding civilian leadership and direction under Terre Lawson. I, the one and only in attendance from the far reaches west of the Mississippi River felt both humbled and truly honored to be amongst some of the very best Authentics in the entire nation.
The civilian men immediately set about felling trees and built a shelter down by the creek out of duck cloth and logs. Nice and cozy it was and so calming and peaceful down there with the chickens clucking and pecking the ground and the children playing. That is, until the Federals came through to harass, threaten and shake us down. Here is also where the Confederates took hominy from us (see the big cauldron) in their hats and hands just like they did in Mansfield after the battle.
Our little Hovel down by the creek. Little Cammie Simpson and Anna Burns in the foreground. Diana hauling water, me stirring hominy and Terre Lawson and Mr. Burns in the background.