WTC is as a roving and flexible collection of family groups who share meals, chores and equipment. We are aggressively seeking out additional venues where we may be allowed to stay in period homes, but until such accommodations are secured and readily available we are usually forced to set up a “Camp of Convenience” at the majority of events we attend. Even in this situation, we hold our standards much higher than the general reenacting community. The below rules apply 24-hours a day at events and due to the fact our standards are much higher, WTC guidelines ALWAYS supercede those of the event except in the very rare cases where event rules may be more strict. The base document for the camp standards was also developed by AGSAS and again we have modified them slightly for our venues and to reflect our research. As with clothing, we realize and appreciate the fact that those new to us will require time to upgrade to our standards.
WTC Camp Standards and Guidlines
1) There is nothing sillier than walking along the streets of a civilian encampment and seeing fine china, silver and all the creature comforts of home or items that are obviously “props” with no functional purpose. A Camp of Convenience should NEVER be a “pretend this is my cabin/house” situation. We generally portray refugees, therefore your camp must have all appearance of being that of a person who has grabbed and fled with meager belongings. Meaning only the most precious and life sustaining items are with you! Follow the principles of “Less is More” and “If you don’t use it, Loose it” As well as looking far more accurate, you will be thankful when its time to pack up and go home!

2) Appear in correct period attire appropriate to the situation from step-off/go-live to the end of the event. Be courteous to fellow living historians. If for example you do not have a chamber pot or period wrapper for stepping out in the morning, please dress before leaving your tent so that you do not disturb another’s “magic moment.”

3) No modern items are to be seen at any time. This includes, but is not limited to soda cans, plastic, non-period drinking cups, modern food, etc. We discourage the use of foods that require refrigeration and non-period drink items in favor of period brine and salt cured meat, period labeled and correct canned foods, seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables and good old fashioned water, tea and coffee. Coolers therefore become an unnecessary nuisance. If however it is unavoidable due to the need to refrigerate medication, a special dietary requirement or for cream for butter making during hot weather, please keep it under tight wraps at all times.

4) Avoid where possible, the use of modern items of any kind other than medical and hygiene necessities (e.g. medicine, contact lens solution, sunscreen, insect repellant, feminine hygiene items, etc). Please keep these items stowed away in poke sacks, period correct carpet bags, small wooden chests, etc.

5) In most situations there is a feasible period way of doing things without resorting to a modern solution. When in doubt, research a period solution!

6) No hairdressing in public as it was privately done. In a "camp of convenience" situation, this means in your tent.

7) No nail polish, modern makeup, modern eyeglasses, modern hair styles, un-natural hair colors or other obvious farb distractions. If you have non-period body piercings (e.g. anything other than one set of holes for normal earrings) leave the body jewelry at home. Please keep body art covered with clothing.

8) Children under 12 must be supervised at all times and dressed in age-appropriate period civilian attire. NO modern toys are allowed. For a good selection of period toys, visit

9) For legal liability reasons, all participants under the age of 18 must either have a parent or guardian present or an adult participant must be designated as responsible, with the written approval of said parent or guardian.

10) Please don't allow idle toys or equipment to be left within the common areas of camp. We need what little elevated space we have for food prep and chairs for sitting in.

11) Period tobacco use (cigars, pipes, chewing) is permissible in public if appropriate to your impression. Likewise cigarettes (contrary to what many believe) are clearly documented to have been in use by both men and women. They must however be packaged in a period appropriate container and of the non-filtered type or have the filter disguised. Cigarettes that do not meet the aforementioned guidelines must be smoked out of view of both fellow Living Historians and the public.

12) If event rules allow the presence of alcohol, please drink moderately and responsibly, and ensure that no one under legal drinking age has access to it.

13) No illegal drug use will be tolerated, period.

14) We do NOT camp in the military camp and we do NOT enter a military street unless we have specific business to be there. Even then, women may do so ONLY with a male escort.

15) Any furniture and material culture items used should be of a period appropriate style, whether reproduction or original -- folding wooden slat chairs are discouraged as are speckleware or other such reenactorisms.
Please note that the above rules about minimizing and hiding farb items only apply to mainstream focused "camp of convenience" situations. Coolers (with the exception of storing necessary medication such as insulin), Modern bedding, and non-period items are NEVER allowed at full immersion history heavy events. Here we adopt a HAVE NO NON PERIOD ITEMS philosophy.